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Ordering personalised products for business historically has been a painful process. There has been too much manual intervention and time wasted for items of low cost, however a very high perceived value by your staff and customers.

How does it make you feel personally if you name has been spelt incorrectly on any personalised item you have received? How does is make you feel when the goods do not arrive on time?

SOL’ID has been designed to allow you to reduce the high costs of processing these important orders plus the ability to take out re-distribution costs/delays and deliver direct to location. The system is customised to your company requirements and all access is via a secure online login and unique customer ID (via the internet or existing intranet).

Our target audience is companies that appreciate and understand that by taking out process delays results in reduced costs, increased capacity and improves the service level on the goods supplied.

We look forward to giving you the customer service you deserve. If you have any suggested improvements to the system or have other personalised products you would like to add, please email sales@signaladvantage.com

  • Please note that the badge ordering facility may require popup windows to be active.
  • Please ensure that you allow popup windows during the badge ordering process.

Important information about browser support.

Currently, solID supports Internet explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers.
The minimum browser versions that we support are:

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Please ensure that your browser meets these minimum versions.

About Signal Advantage

Signal Advantage is a 100% Australian owned and operated company, supplying a range of name badges, name tags, button badges, metal badges, badge holders, Lapel Pins, and other personalised badge products and solutions to make your life – and your budgeting easier.

We've made available a high quality product line that includes personalised and reusable name badges, badge lanyards, name tags, button badges, metal badges, lapel pins, and quality badge holders.

Name Badges are wonderful introductory tools. Companies are increasingly recognising their importance in the customer relationship process. They are a vital business tool.

Signal Advantage understands this. For 15 years, the principles of Signal Advantage has been promoting, designing, manufacturing and supplying name badges, name tags, button badges and badge holders around the globe. We have experienced, first hand, the enormous growth of these essential business tools.

Our business has been built on the philosophy of 100% customer satisfaction in line with the customer focus element of our vision. Our goal is for 100% client retention.

Understanding that you need more than just our great products, we pride ourselves on our service – we will help you every step of the way to ensure you receive the best possible product for your needs – on time, every time – we are here to help.

Signal Advantage services Australia wide including Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Perth


1800 789 124

What is Signal Advantage 1 by 1 Drawdown ?

The 1-by-1 System enables you to enjoy the massive benefits of paying for your stock in bulk and then having individual items delivered to you at no extra charge – this does include postage!

  • #1 Agree on the number of badges you will need over a period of up to 18 months.
  • #2 Enjoy the cost benefits of bulk ordering and guaranteeing your company a fixed cost for your products.
  • #3 Once the stock is pre-printed with your corporate logo, simply forward the personalisation details and we will despatch your badge with 48 hours – even as little as one at a time and at no extra cost.
  • #4 No more invoices for $10, the Advantage Draw Down only requires you to raise one purchase order and we only send you one invoice to pay, helping us reduce our costs which we pass down to you the customer.
  • #5 Orders can be placed direct from any multiple location and we will deliver back direct to any location – saving more time and money on internal distribution costs